I was born in year 1975, november 7th at dawn. We had a family of seven children, me as the oldest one.

Very first year of my life i spent in Harju county, but we soon moved to Märjamaa and couple of years later to Saaremaa - my fathers birth place.

For four years i went to Pihtla grade school, next four years Kuressaare elementary school. In year 1992 i began studies in Viljandi in food technologies specialty. Despite quite good grades and being top of the class i dropped out after three years. In part it was due to financial reasons, partly because of any lack of interest in a chosen profession.

In 1996 i served mandatory military time in Tapa Single Radio Technical Infantry Battalion, after which i returned to Kuressaare and lived and worked there for a few years doing diverse jobs. Among other things, i was a cobbler, worker at hospital, welder, builder, baker, DJ at local radio station.

In year 2000 i discovered a new passion for myself - computers and internet, and along with that web programming. First static HTML, but soon after CSS, JavaScript, Flash, PHP and MySQL databases.

In year 2003 i got married after five year long relationship, but divorced year later and left Kuressaare. This also marked the beginning of my career as a professional web developer.

For couple of years i lived in Pärnu, later moved to Tallinn and 2008 left for a year to Shenzhen, China.

All this time i was working on various projects, some bigger than others, mostly in a field of e-commerce - online shops, money transactions, customer databases etc.

In october 2009 i returned to Estonia and took a year off and spent it in Kuressaare, working on my own pet projects and trying to learn some new stuff.

In the autumn of 2010 i returned to Tallinn to find new challenges. For a year or so i worked on couple of smaller projects as a freelancer, but as of march 2012 i'm working at Regio Ltd (Tallinn) as a developer for map and geodata based web applications.

Since june of 2015 i'm living in Tartu, and started working in main office of Regio/Reach-U as a senior web developer.

Since september of 2018 i'm working at Regio as lead of technologies and development.